Installer with Bundled JRE


Wildebeest is built on Java which is a great platform but also presents a potential barrier to some users. There are some users who will balk at the idea that they need to setup a Java runtime on their system before they can run Wildebeest (as our current documented setup process instructs).

To reduce the barrier to entry for new users, we need a release package that bundles the JRE with Wildebeest so that users only need to get one package and they have everything they need.

There is a license constraint on the Oracle JRE meaning we cannot bundle it, however OpenJDK is offered as Free Software under the terms of the GPL so we should be able to bundle it as long as it technically works.

In addition to bundling the JRE, to reduce barrier to entry we should also offer installer packages for each target operating system.

Therefore in total we need the following release package versions:

  • *.zip with no JRE for Windows users

  • *.zip with bundled JRE for Windows users

  • *.tgz with no JRE for Linux and macOS users

  • *.tgz with bundled JRE for Linux users

  • Windows installer with bundled JRE - Based on Nullsoft Install System

  • macOS installer with bundled JRE - Mechanism TBD

  • Linux installer with bundled JRE - based on self-extracting archive

Along with this the website will need a page that gives clear guidance to users so they can choose and install the package that suits them.




Brendon Matheson





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